South Express Cargo S.A., a Chilean company, with over 25 years of experience in international freight forwarding, is part of an extensive network of Freight Agents called WFG (World Freight Group), with presence in over 400 points of shipping and unloanding . We offer Maritime Transport, Air Transport, Land Transfer and related complementary services.

We have high quality standards and we also have ISO certification. Our goal is to meet and satisfy the requirements of our customers by monitoring their targets.


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Local and Internacional Consulting

In South Express Cargo S.A., we offer a comprehensive consulting of logistics procedures in international freight transport in order to obtain better prices, acquiring dates and contracts in the delivery of your cargo shipping. We consider the best packaging according to the type of product or goods assuring your merchandise properly. We classify container types according to the cargo type and weight considering the most appropiate routes, informing methods of payment and safe options for your business, deadlines and coordination.

ImportSolucion exportacion

  • ♦ Ship your items at better prices.
  • ♦ Documents and permits needed to import.
  • ♦ Consulting for a better management between provider and the client.
  • ♦ Safe business and payment methods worldwide.
  • ♦ International freight insurance.
  • ♦ Safe containers and packaging.
  • ♦ Deliver your goods with no Customs inconvenients.



  • ♦Trade Agreement Consulting with overseas countries which benefit the exporters.
  • ♦ Documents required overseas.
  • ♦ Markets to which lead your products.
    ♦The best routes for an effective process in the coordination of landings by optimizing ship traffic times.
  • ♦ International Cargo Insurance.
  • ♦ Payment methods of containers and packaging.
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