Project Cargo Transport

SouthExpress Cargo SA, a Chilean company, with over 25 years of experience in international freight forwarding, is part of an extensive network of Freight Agents called WFG (World Freight Group), with presence in over 400 points of shipping and landing . We offer Maritime Transport, Air Transport, Land Transfer and related complementary services.

We have high quality standards and we also have ISO certification. Our goal is to meet and satisfy the requirements of our customers by monitoring their targets.


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Project Cargo

Our Company understands the relevance of project cargo transport, which involves a continuous increase and a greater participation in the economic development of nations, becoming one of the most important components in the transportation industry.

We are constantly giving attention to the global needs, this why our company has a complete identification of the participants and risks involved in the multimodal transport of the project cargo by also offering different alternatives aimed to customize the needs of our customers.

Multimodal Consulting: The multimodal transport is the combination between different means of transport, in order to perform faster and more efficiently the operations of the transfer of goods. Our collaborators are trained to advise and work together with your requirements' planning (transport plan), which considers contingency plans by financing and executing it until its destination. We offer multimodal services, from and to more than 400 ports and airports around the world, combining maritime, air and rail transportation depending on the client's needs.