• South Express Cargo SA, a Chilean company with over 21 year experience in international freight forwarding, is a part of an extensive network of Freight Agents WFG (World Freight Group "), with a presence in over 400 points of shipping and landing . We offer Maritime Transport, Air Transport, Land Transfer and related complementary services.
  • We comply with high quality standards and we have ISO certification. Our goal is to meet and satisfy the requirements of our customers, monitoring their targets.




In South Express Cargo S.A. we offer comprehensive assessment on all logistics processes of international freight transport for best cost, meeting times and contracts on cargo shipping, considering the best packing according to the type of transfer and product ensuring your merchandise properly, classifying container types according to cargo type and weight considering the most efficient routes, reporting means of payment and secure ways for their negotiating, timing and coordination. 


  • ♦ Ship your items at better cost..
  • ♦ Documents and permits needed for importing.
  • ♦ Assessment for a better management between provider and final destiny client.
  • ♦ Safe negotiating and payment methods worldwide.
  • ♦ International freight insurance.
  • ♦ Safe containers and packaging  
  • ♦ Release your goods from air and sea Customs



  • ♦ Trade   agreement   assessment   with  countries    abroad    which   benefit exporters.
  • ♦ Documents required abroad.
  • ♦ Target markets for your product.
  • ♦ Best routes for optimal management on shipping coordination, minimizing transport times.
  • ♦ International freight insurance.
  • ♦ Safe containing and packaging.
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